Dr. Partpilo graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1981. After training as a specialist in Vascular Surgery at the University of Pavia, he went on to become a Second the First Level Master in Periodontology at the University of Chieti. Dr. Partpilo is a specialist in prosthesis, gnathology, oral surgery and advanced implantology.

He taught Special Pathology at the Nursing School in Bari and was intern physician at the University of Bari at the Oral Pathology Clinic from 1999 to 2003 with Prof. Rosario Serpico.

He attended the National Cancer Institute in Milan, participating in practical courses with the use of lasers and in collaboration with Prof. F. Schittulli, current national president of the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer, trained in oral disease prevention and oral cavity tumours at his Bari headquarters.

In 1999 he participated in the Rainbow Mission for the construction of a dental emergency room in Tirana and in 2000 he organised an emergency dental department, setting up a free operative unit at the Pia Di Venere operating theatre in Bari-Carbonara.

In 2013 he attended the Bone Regeneration Course in Oral Surgery at the Department of Medical, Oral and Biotechnology at the G. D'Annunzio University of Chieti (Pescara).

He has published several scientific papers in collaboration with the University of Chieti and Bari. He has been the rapporteur at the 2001 Medical Innovation Conference on the use of Laser on carcinogenic and non-oral lesions. He received the Certification of Laser Therapy in the oral cavity and face rejuvenation at the University of Florence in 2009.

our staff

Below are the team professional doctors who work alongside Dr. Partipilo:

- Giovanni Calabrese: Quality Management Systems;

- Alessandro Campanella: Endodontics;

- Catia Ramunni and Carlo Cristofaro: Orthodontics and Gnathology;

- Massimiliano Guarnieri: Dentistry

- Francesca Attolico and Alessandra Urbano: Dental hygiene and tooth whitening

Other staff includes:

- Michela Partipilo: Secretary and Administrator;

- Nicola Mastrandrea: Dental technician specialising in prosthetic furniture;

- Angelica Di Noia and Patrizia Carella: Dental Assistants;

- Gianni Zaccaro: Dental technician specialising in fixed prostheses.

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